SUMMARY: Your effort at improving delivery, quality and predictability will fail without active executive participation. This means involvement beyond authorizing the budget and hiring consultants. We guide you in the following leadership tasks:

  • REDUCING RESISTANCE: Serious resistance is created when roles & responsibilities change
  • CLEAR LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION: Participants in change need clear and consistent communication from leaders
  • REMOVING BLOCKERS: Serious impediments to the change are surfaced, resulting in a need to address these issues

Active executive engagement in leading the change is the primary way to manage and reduce these risks. We coach and guide you through this process.

In the early stages, scaling a new and effective process reveals impediments which are easy to address and remove. But as time goes on, the main impediments to progress require changes to decision rights, HR policies, and more. These changes require executive attention, executive authorization and executive action.

We work with your leadership team to streamline this process, by:

  • Explaining what executives can expect as the Agile transformation matures
  • Identifying key opportunities for enterprise-wide improvement
  • Influencing, guiding and coaching executives in how to best address these tougher challenges

Later in the Agile transformation process, after addressing these late-stage challenges, the larger opportunities to improve can be realized.

Results become visible though measurement and metrics. Measurement and metrics make improvement in quality, predictability and value delivery more visible. We define success at scale as follows:

  • Everything being measured is still improving, 6 months after the external consultants have completed their engagements
  • The organization has developed a self-sustaining capacity to develop internal Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Product Owners, DevOps professionals, etc
  • The executive team is consistently engaged in the process of improving value delivery across the enterprise

We at Improving Agility are ready to guide and support your journey every step of the way:

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