SUMMARY: In Step #1, we assess your current state to determine what education is needed before we can begin. We then complete this step by completing the training delivery.

Assessment identifies your current state in several dimensions. In addition to measuring quality, sustainability, value delivery and productivity, we also consider:

  • The business and policy constraints, including any required compliance
  • The desired future state, and the clearly specified success criteria
  • The identification of any and all challenges to achieving the desired outcomes.

Upon review of the assessment, we work with you to develop your game plan and an overall roadmap for improving your results.

The first step is delivering any training and education that may be needed.

We work with your executive leadership team on understanding exactly what they must do to support success with Agile transformation. At the same time, we also deliver training in Agile patterns and practices to your delivery teams. This training includes

  • Executive orientation & training
  • Stakeholder and team training in Agile processes including Scrum, Kanban and Lean principles
  • Technical skills training, as needed, in: DevOps, XP, software test and CI
  • Training for executives, stakeholders and teams in the Eight Patterns of Open Business Agility

Training sets the stage for beginning a pilot program with multiple teams. This pilot proves that the skills required actually exist in your organization, and are working well.

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