Here are some resources to explore along the way:


EXECUTIVE VIDEO TESTIMONIALExecutive Interview: An executive from the public company NUANCE explains how 8 Open Space events rapidly delivered on the desired outcome: accelerated culture change leading to higher performance in the 900-person Global Engineering division. Length: 2.5 minutes

EXECUTIVE VIDEO TESTIMONIALExecutive Interview: An executive from public company INTUIT explains how Open patterns transformed the leadership team and then the entire operation of a 180-person division of INTUIT. Length: 15 minutes.

EXECUTIVE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Executive Intererview : The senior leader of Software Engineering of a division of a public company describes his experience of the OpenSpace Agility engagement model and the super-positive outcomes that resulted. Length: 15 minutes. Part 1 of 2.

VIDEO TESTIMONIAL: Team Member Interview. A UX designer who was initially a big resister of the move to Scrum describes his experience of Open patterns and how it was the best work experience of his career. Length: 15 minutes.


  • PODCASTThe JimRuttShow interview on Open patterns with Jim Rutt, current Trustee and former Chairman of the Santa Fe Institute of Complexity Science. Explains Open patterns in practical terms, with real-world stories, explanations, and insights. About 1 hour.
  • PODCASTThe Coaching Conversation. A great explanation of Invitation-Based Change™, Open patterns, and Open Business Agility. 1 hour.
  • PODCASTAgile Uprising. A clear explanation of OpenSpace Agility, an engagement model used to reduce risk by generating tremendous employee energy and employee engagement in your Agile-change program. 1 hour.
  • PODCASTAgile Atelier. A discussion of Invitation-Based Change™  and the essential nature of employee engagement in enterprise change programs. 1 hour
  • PODCASTThe Conversation Factory. An interview explaining how executive leadership teams who focus on employee-experience design get the best results. And how leadership of a change initiative is in large part an exercise in…game design.
  • PODCASTDare Real Agile. An interview and conversation on Open patterns, Invitation-Based Change, the Agile Industrial Complex and more. Total time: 1 hour.

Tools and Resources:

Download: The Scrum Checklist for Executives: Download this valuable tool that helps inform and prepare executives for what it takes to effectively implement Scrum across the enterprise.

Detailed White Papers:

Contact us for white papers on the following subjects:

  • Assessing Your Business Agilty
  • Preparing for Success with Training and Education
  • Starting your Business Agility Pilot
  • Measuring & Managing with Selected Metrics & Preparing for Scaling
  • Preparing For The Challenges of Scaling Up, Skilling Up, and Staffing Up
  • Scaling Strategically: Measuring and Managing
  • Guiding and Leading The Ongoing Change
  • Managing Towards Continuous Improvement