EXECUTIVE TESTIMONIAL: Nuance Corp Executive with 900 People Worldwide Explains the Power and Advantages of Leading Transformation with Open Patterns and Open Space Technology

Nuance Corp implements AI and speech recognition, and technology is their product. Nuance executive and Improving Agility client Jacob O’Leary explains how he used whole-group Open Space Technology events to achieve his goals for a 900-person, worldwide engineering organization. In this video he explains how he used used 8 Open Space events, delivered across 5 continents, to identify the best ideas, build engagement, and align 900 globally distributed software engineers on values, goals and OKRs. 2 minutes long. Enjoy.


  • Executive insights on using Open patterns and practices to change culture
  • How initial worries turned to happiness & joy as the great results repeated every time
  • Executive observations on how employee engagement in change is essential
  • Closing remarks on the value of Open Space and Open patterns for executive teams who are responsible for productivity and value delivery across all of Engineering

EXECUTIVE TESTIMONIAL: INTUIT CORPORATION Executive Explains Invitation-Based Change and the Power of Open Patterns

INTUIT CORPORATION is the world leader in personal and business accounting software. In this video, INTUIT executive and Improving Agility client Glenda Swain explains how INTUIT had a false start with Agile. She then describes her experience of the restart: how Invitation-Based Change, Open patterns, and OpenSpace Agility from Improving Agility produced great results for this division of INTUIT. 15 minutes long. Enjoy:


  • Executive insights from executing leadership work in sprints & iterations
  • Why the leadership team must actively engage in the wider changes taking place
  • Executive impressions and observations on the use of Open patterns
  • How Open patterns improve HR talent retention and overall morale during Agile change

EXECUTIVE TESTIMONIAL: Executive Leader of Software Engineering Explains His Success with Open patterns and OpenSpace Agility

The senior leader of Software Engineering of a division of a public company describes his experience of the OpenSpace Agility engagement model and the super-positive outcomes that resulted. Length: 15 minutes. Part 1 of 2.


  • Experiences with forced/prescriptive/”coerced” Agile adoption
  • Why having a single Agile champion in the org is not a good strategy
  • Impressions and observations on the 1st Open Space meeting
  • Observations of the organization from the Senior Director point of view
  • Why it takes courage from leadership to get good & lasting results with Agile

Part 2 of this interview follows. Length: about 15 minutes.


  • The story on the 2nd and 3rd enterprise-wide Open Space events
  • Reflection on how “management” shifts from individuals to teams
  • How the Open approach rapidly and positively shifts culture
  • Reflections on new learning, thinking, and enterprise Agile, as a result of the OpenSpace Agility experience

TESTIMONIAL: Professional UX Designer Explains the Advantage of Open Patterns for Enterprise Transformation

A UX designer who was initially a big resister of the move to Scrum describes his experience of Open patterns and how it was the best work experience of his career. Length: 15 minutes.


  • Reflections on how engaging delivery teams is what delivers strong outcomes
  • How Open patterns and the OpenSpace Agility engagement model ENGAGES THE TEAMS
  • A narrative on how his very strong initial resistance was transformed into very strong support in just 90 days by using the OpenSpace Agility engagement model
  • Reflections on new learning, thinking, and enterprise Agile, as a result of the OpenSpace Agility experience