SUMMARY: The 3rd step involves validating the success of your pilot and then using the pilot as a template for developing your go-forward scaling plan.

Some key executive leadership activities during this step include:

We guide you, as needed, clearly and consistently, every step of the way.

One of the most critical success factors in scaling is the availability of talented Scrum Masters and coaches. Coaching Agile teams is a specific skill and experience is a key to being effective. We prepare you for success by sourcing the coaches and Scrum Masters you’ll need to effectively scale.

With the right talent in place, you will:

  • Model the Agile approach at scale, so your people learn how genuine Agile looks and feels
  • Identify impediments to success at scale, and effectively address them
  • Achieve early ROI on your investment in process improvement

Your own people with experience will work with our professional coaches to launch your Agile-at-scale program. Our coaches mentor your people, and transfer key skills from Day 1.

The model of delivery experienced in your pilot becomes the template for scaling. With this transition you can expect new challenges around coordination at scale. We work with your executive leadership to make the following adjustments at scale:

  • Scaled planning that identifies and addresses dependencies
  • Periodic scaled coordination-meetings for planning and delivery
  • Executive ownership of the product and process cycles

Scaling identifies your unique challenges, and amplifies them. Scaling also represents an opportunity to amplify value delivery. In enterprise-wide iterations, we guide you through addressing these opportunities and challenges. The result is a realized increase in predictable value-delivery with improvements in quality & productivity.

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